Haiku untitled


Lone orange poppy
Defunct solar border ball,
Garden posturing.


China Soldier

ImageChina Soldier

You sit on high, on one of
the shelves and peer over
the front room, motionless.

You never say a word, just
look as though you command
an entire region.

Your attitude is the same now
as ever but someday you’ll
come off that high shelf
and fall into pieces,

Closer to heaven

The clock ticks;
echoing over the new limestone tiles
as I sit to write.
At the end even if I haven’t
written a good poem;
I’ll be closer to heaven
than when I began.

Then I won’t be able
to turn back,
hesitate, doubt or lose a
struggle because I’ll be dead.
You say eternal life starts on
earth but sometimes it’s
as though death starts here
before you die.

Daily Prompt: Person of the Year

Surely the whole thing is a dichotomy. Anyone who would accept being the Time’s person of the year probably isn’t worthy of it. It is the people who help in communities who don’t do it for the recognition who are the true champions. Also the single mums and the people who care for their sick relatives who are the real champions. They don’t have the time to make an impact that would be noticed by the public. Do your good in secret so you will get your reward in heaven, now where have I read that?