Windows xp end of life

For some reason today this has started to wind me up. Apparently 38 % of all pcs on line run windows xp. After April 2014 it will not be supported. If I can use an analogy. Imagine Microsoft was a successful car manufacturer. That means that they have produced roughly 1 billion cars which people are happily driving now. However in April of 2014 all the 1 billion cars will develop a fault which will render them useless.  After April of 2014 you will no longer be able to drive the car safely and your only option is to buy another car. Does this seem fair to you? It doesn’t seem fair to me? If you are going to design and sell a product don’t you have a responsibility to support that product no matter how successful it is. I suppose it would be less onerous to Micosoft if no one had brought it.


2 thoughts on “Windows xp end of life

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