Early One Morning


Photo kindly supplied by Porridge Lady at http://www.porridgelady.com/

Early one Morning

White lakes form on the top
like a lunar landscape.
There’s no sprinkling
of sweetness
with a small hand.
Just the finale: a big dollop.

Sugar would be less naughty
but the spoon leads me into
clear golden viscosity.
The green tin and the lion stand and
watch as their middle is removed to be
poured onto this new moon and its
milky lakes.

Spoon swirls round and round until
a small diameter dribble is left and then like
a submarine it dives deep:
only to re-emerge still half laden.
Then I go to school.


3 thoughts on “Early One Morning

  1. Love it! It’s definitely getting to be time to eat oatmeal. I like how this is like the view of a little boy who wouldn’t describe the taste or texture or eating it. He would think about how it looks, even comparing to a submarine, and then gulping it down wouldn’t be important to him as he runs out the door for school. Don’t know if that is what you pictured, but that’s what I got! Got me hankering for oatmeal now!

    • It was written under the prompt a memory from childhood. Submarines were important to me as a kid, I even tried to make one but it didn’t work very well. I was in Manchester at the time. Thank you for reading.

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