Things that annoy me


Things that annoy me

moany people.
self-opinionated people,
late people and
software downloads that
want you to add an extra toolbar.


5 thoughts on “Things that annoy me

  1. Every time I get a software download, I have to waste time re-setting my computer to how I want it to look, I think a lot of people feel annoyed 🙂 Annie

    • Been there, done that. If you want a particular piece of software, you don’t necessarily want the extra stuff ie software or toolbars they are trying to shove in your direction. And the box they put so that you can choose not to have the extra software seems so small and unobtrusive. It’s all a bit sad and I’m sure just a trap for the unwary and not very computer literate people out there, like old grannies who are trying their best.

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