The Glitch


The glitch

Today I went shopping for
some food down the
local supermarket.

The girl pressed the buzzer
for another checkout girl,
as the queue was long.

I got five bananas, two
bottles of red milk and
one bottle of green semi-skimmed.

Five pounds she exclaimed and
I was happy it was such
a round number.

Then by coincidence on
the next till the checkout girl
said seven pounds please.

Did anyone else notice
this coincidence of two
whole numbers.

What are the chances
of getting two whole numbers
within seconds of each other?

Perhaps it was that feeling
of deja vu, seeing a black
cat twice or just a glitch
in the matrix.


6 thoughts on “The Glitch

  1. I really like how you are thinking about poetry relating to anything in your day. I need to get my poetry antennae up for this! I had to read the end three times before I got it, that the little list is just of weird things that give you a creepy feeling. The deja vu thing threw me at first because I was thinking, “Wait a minute, is he saying this happened to him before?” I know, I’m thick that way. But I do like that it was a little puzzling at first, not so straight forward. Also, seems a good poem for Halloween (which you don’t have across the pond, right?)

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