The yacht rode the waves
now it’s safe in the harbour;
wind gone from its sails.


The Green Wet Floor


The Green Wet Floor

She woke, put her feet on the green wet floor,
she stood, went to the chair, put on her gown.
Across the puddles through the dank to the door,
through the green door, over the wet floor; sad frown,

She stood went to the chair put on her gown,
through the green door down the green hall, downstairs,
into the hall, past the, blue door. No sound.
The cat, black and moulting, every where, leaves hairs.

Across the puddles, through the dank to the door
through the green door past the black cat, leaves hairs.
Down stairs and a cuppa sits on the floor,
on the green wet floor, through the green door, down stairs.

Through the green door, over the wet floor, sad frown,
she stood, went to the chair put on her gown.

Sonata in C


Play me and find my major chords,
find the notes that make me sing.
Make music on me, make me
come alive with crashing crescendos
and intricate arpeggios.

Then when I’m feeling low,
go to the minor chords,
delicately find the dissonant notes,
intersperse them with  key changes
and minor fifths.

When I’m finally back to life
add other instruments, harps to accompany
me and a violin section to bring a rousing
refrain. Let the whole orchestra leap
as you master your composition.

The Conjuror


I’m wondering which
words to conjure up,
to put on the page;
like a sage.
I pick them up
and toss them in the air;
without a care.

And if they should fall,
use my stick
and neatly on the page
arrange them;
that’s my trick.



Taken from my book, details of which can be found on my about page. It’s free to download if you have an ipad.

Mon Amour


Mon Amour

Le ciel est bleu,
Le soleil brille et les arbres sont beaux;
Mais où est mon amour?

Qu’est-que ce qu’un jour sans vous?
Si je ne peux pas avoir votre amour
Pourquoi vivre?
J’ai besoin de vous.


My Love

The sky is blue,
The sun is shining and the trees are beautiful;
But where is my love?

What is a day without you?
If I can not have your love
Why live?
I need you.

Taken from my book (details on my about page)

The speakers


They were small, compact
and sat on the bookshelf
in my garage. They loyally
reproduced my music for a decade
or more.

However I noticed their slight
colouration and although they had served
me well for years, it was now time for them
to go. My father-in-law had offered me
his old Wharfdale speakers
which work just fine.

I took my old speakers to the charity
shop and now I’m assuming they’re
working faithfully in the service of some other
music devotee.  Not really understanding why
they were dumped but just loyally carrying on
regardless; beating out their little hearts.
Thump, thump, thump.