Afternoon Walk

With each plodding foot against
the gravel I strain to hear
your voice.
Can I hear your heartbeat
over this slow, rhythmic,
crushing sound?
Perhaps you’re in the wind,
rustling high in the trees?
The rugged, rusting, yellow digger
stands for progress.
Its windscreen
is now cracked.
Some local youths perhaps.
What is progress anyway?
And now I’m reminded
that all you want
is a willing heart and a
life completely surrendered
to your will.
I make my way home.


2 thoughts on “Afternoon Walk

    • Perhaps this question should of been answered in the 1700’s before they went hell for leather on industrialisation, pollution and all the other evils of society caused by these things. I still don’t think it’s been answered. Except to say we now believe in capitalism and people spending money they haven’t got. God help us.

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