By the beach

Akumal Beach Webcam- LocoGringo Webcam- Riviera Maya Mexico(2)

By the Beach

At eleven in the morning
I watch the sunrise.
The picture gradually
changes from pitch black,
an outline of trees and then
finally I can make out
the colour of the sea.
At noon a man comes
and cleans off the seaweed,
same time everyday,
like clockwork.
Then another man
will write in the sand.
I don’t know what,
I can hardly read it.

The beach is sometimes sunny
and sometimes overcast.
When the sun is higher
the punters arrive,
lay down their towels,
and go for a dip.
The towels are sometimes
occupied and then sometimes not.
I wonder who is on the towels,
a fair maiden, middle aged man
or a family.
I follow them avidly
from my bed whilst the
picture gets refreshed
every twenty seconds.

This evening I lay in my room,
closed my eyes and imagined
I was actually there
beside the sea.
Although there was no sound
from my TV I could hear
the gentle lapping of the waves
and warm breeze
blowing in the palm trees.
I felt myself getting hotter and
hotter and then eventually rousing
myself to get out of bed
and into the water.