Do you think cats
care about
Is it chicken flavoured?




All at Sea


All at sea

No three line whip. Even the adverts
and the tv merge into one homogenous
blob. The talking heads nod in agreement
between the channels and the chatter,
sound like a school play ground.

The length of string between me and
anyone with any importance seems to
be lengthening and I’m wondering if it’s snapped
or whether I’m watching the news
from an island in Hawaii.

My own thoughts rattle around
and this wretched dinghy they
put me on seems to be deflating
like the sorry mess this
has all become.

And now the wind has picked
up and the final breaker, breaks
over and sends me
to the watery grave that is this
endless advert break that they seem
to have on all good tv shows.

The Conjuror


I’m wondering which
words to conjure up,
to put on the page;
like a sage.
I pick them up
and toss them in the air;
without a care.

And if they should fall,
use my stick
and neatly on the page
arrange them;
that’s my trick.



Taken from my book, details of which can be found on my about page. It’s free to download if you have an ipad.