Flight of fancy


Flight of fancy

The green looked so smooth,
I was in Augusta. So green, it
was Irish. Would my luck hold?
Steady, concentrate on the ball!
The faithfull rubber grip never failed
me as I swung through the ball. My back
arched perfectly and
I knew it would be sweet.
The ball sky-rocketed heavenward
as it went into the clouds.
You couldn’t see it
against the whiteness and then,
it magically dropped on to the carpet and rolled
towards the hole. Another perfect shot, on
a perfect day.


What’s going on?


If you compare these two pictures you can see the present day wrestler Matt Morgan from the TNA wrestling wroster is in a lot better shape than Big Daddy or Giant Haystacks.  I think this picture of Big Daddy was taken in the 1980s. It just makes me think that’s all. When did sport become so competitive? You don’t here about footballers going for a swift half at half time anymore. Everything seems so much more competitive nowadays.