At least I won’t
find my book, perusing
in the bargain section
of a second hand book shop.
Nor will it end up on
some council rubbish tip
or in a refuse

No, the worst that can
happen is that
it’ll be deleted
from somebody’s hard drive.
Those little magnetic
particles won’t have
known what was on them
or how important it
was to at least one person.



Mon Amour


Mon Amour

Le ciel est bleu,
Le soleil brille et les arbres sont beaux;
Mais où est mon amour?

Qu’est-que ce qu’un jour sans vous?
Si je ne peux pas avoir votre amour
Pourquoi vivre?
J’ai besoin de vous.


My Love

The sky is blue,
The sun is shining and the trees are beautiful;
But where is my love?

What is a day without you?
If I can not have your love
Why live?
I need you.

Taken from my book (details on my about page)