Foreigner in my own land


Foreigner In My Own Land

Dear Mr Blunkett,
I know you can’t see,
but why do you have to
have us all on C C T V.

And now to make things,
a lot worse by far,
we’ve got to carry cards,
to show who we are.

I mean do I look like
I’ve come from out of state,
when all I want is a
bit of real estate.

I mean its our country
and were under the same laws,
but sometimes I feel like
I’ve been born abroad.

After The Swim


After the swim

It had been a good swim
that day as I dried myself
in the cubicle.

Then, one by one, I donned
the garments of

The suit and tie,
to cover my nakedness.

The watch, so I could
arrive on time and not

The house keys, so that
I could keep my family
safe and secure.

The spectacles, so I would
not feel a fool if people
were addressing me
and I didn’t realise.

Finally the wallet, to
pay my way and show
the world who I was and that
I had made it, so to speak.

I wondered how Adam felt.