Does God Speak Today?

Can you hear him in the sound
of a classical masterpiece? When water cascades
into a pool from a mountain. When you
look into the eyes of a portrait painting.
Can God speak of his Glory in the
setting sun and magenta sky? Can
you see him in the love of young lovers?
Is he talking to you through a starfish
on the beach? Or perhaps in the
pictures on the tv of starving children.
Can God even speak through a poem?

Cast Claustrophobia


Are you struggling to cope with a cast? Here are some simple tips I used to get me through the three weeks of hell.

One of things I found useful was to engage in conversation. I would lie on my bed and talk to the wife. Sometimes it ended up more shouting than talking. We also prayed together which helped.  Finding anyone to talk to will help.

I also actually found playing with my smartphone useful. I had put loads of my old photos on with google photos and would happily reminisce whilst holding the phone. I imagine playing games on the smartphone or doing anything on it will be distracting.

Also when it was hot I would have a fan blowing on my foot in bed. Alongside that, I would use a wet flannel to try and cool me down. The fan gives a nice sensation on your bare skin.

When I had some pain in my right ankle caused by rubbing of the cast with the ankle whilst walking I found taking two paracetamol helped.  Obviously follow makers instructions.

Obviously if you can distract yourself to read a book that helps as well.

The sad thing is that when it came to getting my cast off and I told the nurse that I had had trouble with it, she said that I could of phoned in earlier and they could of done something for me. So it could of been only 2 weeks of the hellish cast not three.  If you are at the end of your rope that is one option for you.



Three Haiku

A wailing prophet
hooks up with local slapper,
God draws parallels.

Born of lowly birth
But God used him mightily
there’s hope for us all.

Unwise foolish judge
knows Delilah is treacherous
but trusts her anyway.


red rose flower

Photo by Cindy Gustafson on


I still believe in the
beauty of roses.
I still believe in the tranquillity
of a sunset.

I still believe in the majesty of
mountains and the soothing
calm of a crystal stream.

I still believe that a good man
would lay down his
life that I should find
a better way.

I still believe in God.